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Underline cell contents, entire cells, or rows on a worksheet

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn about different text and number formatting options.

Emphasize important data with borders

General is the default format for any cell. When you enter a number into the cell, Excel will guess the number format that is most appropriate.

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Number formats numbers with decimal places. For example, if you enter 4 into the cell, the cell will display the number as 4. Currency formats numbers as currency with a currency symbol.

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Accounting formats numbers as monetary values like the Currency format, but it also aligns currency symbols and decimal places within columns. This format makes it easier to read long lists of currency figures. For example, the date would appear as Monday, August 14, For example, time would appear as AM.

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Percentage formats numbers with decimal places and the percent sign. For example, if you enter 0. Fraction formats numbers as fractions separated by the forward slash.

Scientific formats numbers in scientific notation. For example, if you enter into the cell, then the cell will display the number as 1.

Excel Tactics

Note: By default, Excel will format the cell in scientific notation if it contains a large integer. If you do not want Excel to format large integers with scientific notation, use the Number format. Text formats numbers as text, meaning what you enter into the cell will appear exactly as it was entered. Excel defaults to this setting if a cell contains both text and numbers.

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Choosing a font. The new font.

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Working with data is often more than simply using the right formula to perform your calculations. Any clues? I'm trying to concatenate a number with the " double quote sign. This site in other languages x. Microsoft Excel is all about numbers, and in your worksheets, you are likely to deal with numbers most of the time.

Choosing a new font size. The new font size. Modifying the font size. Choosing a font color.

Excel tutorial: How to apply different underline options in Excel

We can see this if we apply the different formats side by side. There's no indication that this has been done, but you can see the accounting version has been applied in the format cells dialog box. This doesn't happen with other number formats, or when the selection contains content in different formats.

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In fact, when the selection contains any format but Accounting, normal underlining will be applied. Finally, depending on your needs, keep in mind that applying a border on the bottom of cells is another way of underlining content in Excel. Unlike text underlining, cell borders run edge to edge across the entire cell. We'll look at borders more closely an upcoming lesson.

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