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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

And then you get the parade of nasty Chick Lit movies. That's what you're going to say women are made of? Pretty dresses and clothes is all that a woman can do? Gag me--I like pretty clothes like any other woman, but I am not going to choose a pair of shoes over a friend. Then you have the other extreme--women doing the exact same things men can do because that's strength. Men do martial arts, so women should be shown doing it too.

It's not that I believe that women shouldn't be allowed to do those things, but sometimes strength is not just about kicking butt the same way as men, but learning to use your body in a way that suits you. If women in physical terms have an endurance Besides strength isn't all kicking butt, but it's like Alicia Keys says, To all the women out there working hard.

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The single mother trying to get an education. The woman that doesn't know if she'll be home in time to see her kids to put them to bed. That's a strength too and one that women are often relegated.

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Celebrate that. Different isn't bad. Different, but equal is what we should strive for. The US has a long, long way to understanding the powerhouse that makes us women great. There may be more equality in society, but the art forms sure don't reflect this belief. I got sick of watching those things and I'm frustrated that the US tells other countries how their women should be, but we can't even get it right in our media.

Korea at least shows an attempt with women trying to find the balance between both and real struggles that women face like being told by men that they can only choose love or a career. This is a real struggle women have in the US too, yet no drama has been able to get that to work. She showed how she could excel at her career and her love. It didn't fall out of the sky, she really worked for it. She didn't have a new boyfriend every other week. She worked on the one man and learned to work with him. Where's a US drama that's ever done that? I'm still waiting for it.

Besides after the Last Airbender trauma of last year, my faith in the US media has gone down quite a few notches. Compare that film with the Korean film If You were Me [1 and 2] and If You were Me is leagues ahead most of the other anti-racial films in both cinematography and delivery of message. Media should challenge social norms and ask questions about society.

My Princess does that, how does Sex in the City 2 do that? Show me a woman struggling with a low income, not in the fashion industry that isn't living in upper NYC in a huge apartment, trying to find something between love and career. Still waiting for that. Especially one where her friends aren't all friggin' white.

Let's get real here NYC has a whole lot of non-white people. Korea shows what they are striving for in their media. The US has totally quit and gone backwards in theirs. I'm kind of tired of it and other women in this country with me are also sick of it. Women aren't all handbags and catty.

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But I could rant for hours about this topic It's in my specialty in Anthropology--media especially cross-cultural media and how My Princess is no where as inane and shallow as some of the crap I've been seeing delivered in television in the US. Current and past. It is good to know that you can live in the US and still keep your moral bearings anchored to your other country Korea.

You are sure to get the best of both worlds. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Im Asian but Western-style educated and can relate in a way with your thoughts regarding the US media and its representation of and impact on women and how they see themselves. I also live and breathe in the crossroads of both.

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Kim Tae Hee and Yoon Ah In are perfect for this drama. joj kim-tae-hee-mac- hanbok-gantrieu- Trang_phuc_ Best Historical Dramas, Korean Men, Korean Actors, Jang Ok Jung, Korean Traditional, Traditional Outfits, Kim Tae Hee, Korean Hanbok, Korean Beauty.

When women shortchange themselves and lose their God-given gift in affecting their nation's heritage through their choices we may see eventually the downfall of that society. This is the age-old issue being tackled in MP. What is more important love or mission?

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Husband or nation? We see many Western films deal with this by celebrating feminism, personal fulfillment and independence first sometimes regardless of how it will affect family and nation. In so doing, women are depicted as chasing after different men so they can fulfill their lifelong dream to marry and have kids. Ironically, when they do get their dream they do not prioritize the family that they fought so hard for.

They battle with their husbands and other men for equal opportunity and personal rights but are not as quick when it comes to taking responsibility and making sacrifices for their families. Divorce are at a record high.

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Whether this truly depicts real life or not, we see how media can have the power to affect how its young generation think and act. There was a time when this was not so and Im sure the US could not have become the empire that it has been without the sacrifices and steadfastness of its forefathers. But somewhere along the way it lost its moorings as evidenced in part by its pop culture and media.

I believe it is true: comfort , they say, destroys usefulness. I think Korea's media is this way because she came from a long period of suffering under the Japanese rule and its poor economy. The stories in the kdramas either depict the sacrifices of its people or the lessons culled from those times when they had to rise up from those periods of nothingness. But we see strength in their women and the choices that the characters make in the kdramas are sometimes too far-off from the POV of a western mind.

Filial piety or respect for elders for example is a lost art in the west.

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But this is one of the backbones of a solid and strong nation. When we see the kids rebel from their parents and insist on their rights at all costs, then this cannot be all good for the nation. But we see that S. Korea is now moving so fast towards progress and this can have its drawbacks. Comfort is not always easy. My Princess, and how it attempts to break from the mold of traditional women in kdramas, is therefore a landmark work for a mainstream rom-com.

The steadfastness of korean women is still depicted in Seol and yet there is some attempt to show progressiveness through Seol initiating the kisses, and what kiss! My Western brain says, yey!

Kim tae hee mac hanbok

But my Eastern brain says, oh! Judging by the success of this show, this can start a new trend in mainstream kdramas showing public displays of affection with less restraint, less inhibitions. Good or bad, I dont know. Trends are there to show us how people are growing through their struggles and dealing with challenges common to all men.

I hope they will not stray too far off from their core values understanding that everyone seeks to gain balance in their lives Samgetang--exactly what I was trying to say I find that older films tackle the problem of women in the workplace and trying to keep a family better than the current ones in the US.

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And I love Seol taking the initiative and not standing that like a wet fish without puckering up. Also how the kisses done reflects the drama. Second Kiss, he confessed and she totally rocked his world by taking it over, leading him to admit how unpredictable she was to him. No arm wrapping for her--because that's giving into him.

And then the last kiss, he doubted she had control of the situation, and knew the implications, but showed him that he was wrong. She was strong enough to choose both and she was sick of waiting around for him while she was in the palace. I love how she pushed for the marriage and totally got him with the fake crying. But I also love how they showed her journey to independence was not complete the car thing and not being able to take charge by going faster.

But I also love the fact that despite this he was still trying to help her achieve that while not sacrificing his own independence. The entire implications of that as a hope for Korean society--Oh I love it!! Because it defines a role for men and women. Empower our younger generation with good examples like these. It's not the man that does the rescue mission that wins And bring back some of the older values Sometimes we may be princesses in towers to rescue, but I rather find a man that will help me make a rope so I can climb down myself and cheer me on as I do so.

And then when I'm at the bottom, he'll be there to say good job. No Don Quioxtes need apply.

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Personally and for my hubby as well we both prefer this Moon lovers drama with spot on acting skills and ability to deliver their characters extremely well. Alexa May 03 am The most beautiful Korean drama of all time, the most beautiful actors! Dec 12 am Aftter 2 years! Hoping for the release of the first trailer at the press conference, as what we usually get to see for K-dramas. Also, like modern "Choi Ji Mong" said, nothing is a coincident including his presence. IU was hilarious and the character developement of wang so and wang wook left me shook yall.

I also like It Started with a Kiss in the TW-drama circuit, because she starts trying to become a nurse for her man, but soon realizes she's doing it for herself. The man there is also the silent support though more like the tough love kind. I can confidently add this drama to that list.

Thanks again, Yoonmi.