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Apple Mac mini Review (Mid 2010)

I ordered two sets of these for my dad's iMac and they fit and work perfectly.

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Don't buy anything that's not Apple Certified, I made that mistake twice before finding these. Cheaper brands end up arriving dead on arrival, cost you return shipping, and too much aggravation. It came sealed in a perfect container, keeping it extra safe, and was extremely easy to install.

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Firstly What would be the advantages of 4GB RAM, i understand But I would mainly be using a Mac for: iTunes, Pages, Keynote and Safari. Since I upgraded to Mavericks, I've started having two issues with my Mac Mini ( mid edition, with 4Gb of RAM and an Intel i5 processor at.

I highly recommend getting this. This is the perfect upgrade for mi iMac.

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The importan question: Why OWC? A: Reliability. I chatted with they, asking advice and tips about my work with my iMac, thinking if 8GB more or 16GB more, i went to 16GB more Great customer service, now my iMac went Mid West.

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This will increase performance. Between the 16gb and a Samsung ssd, my mid MacBook Pro is exceptionally fast. Boot up and loaded in to Lightroom in just under a minute.

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Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Replaced my 4 Gb chips with these 16 Gb ones and immediately noticed the difference in speed. Currently unavailable.


Can recommend! See All Buying Options. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. MacMini and fired it up and they work just fine. The Mini runs so much better with more I plugged these into my late MacMini and fired it up and they work just fine. The Mini runs so much better with more memory! By filling that second slot, you kick the laptop into dual-channel mode and goose the performance in 3D tasks such as gaming. You may also be tempted to pay for lower-latency modules or modules with fancy aluminum heat spreaders.

We generally recommend that you go with a name-brand module that you know will offer warranty service if you do have problems although very unlikely. For example, if you have a 4GB stick in the laptop, adding a second 4GB module to the second slot makes the most sense. Before you do anything, make sure the laptop is completely shut down not just asleep , then unplug it.

Fortunately, getting inside our Aspire E 15 is a snap: Just remove three screws on the expansion bay door. Note: Not all Aspire E 15s are designed this way.

Lab Tested: The ramifications of additional memory on a Mac

Some older models require the entire bottom cover to be removed. Next, try to discharge any built-up static electricity by touching a nearby metal object, such as a file cabinet. Install the memory module. The memory module has a small notch in it that should match up with a nub in the slot see picture below. The notch in the memory module should line up with the slot.

The top module shows about how much of the contact should be visible after inserted. We find that putting our thumbs on the corners usually gives us the leverage needed to insert the module. Tilt the memory at a slight angle and then use your thumbs to carefully push it into the slot until you can barely see the gold contacts.

The memory should lie flat in the slot. If you need to remove the module, just use your fingernails to bend out the metal arm on each side of the module a millimeter or two. It even lets you specify a maximum allowable amount of RAM for the app to use.

10 Tips to Increase the Speed of a Slow Mac® System

Otherwise, Photoshop might eat your entire RAM pie, leaving just the crumbs for your other applications. We ran Windows 7 using VMware with a relatively light set of tests. Virtual machines can require a lot of RAM, but not always. Mathematica was the only other test that saw a speed boost of greater than than 5 percent—but the overall increase on this test was only about 6 percent.

What is RAM?

After quadrupling it from 4GB to 16GB, we saw a 6 percent increase. Of our 15 test results, 12 failed to show at least a 5 percent increase in speed when we upgraded our test systems from 4GB to 8GB or 16GB.

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Below, we list the results for the 12 tests where our systems showed minor or no improvement after we added RAM. Some test results even seemed to get slightly worse after the RAM upgrades, although this effect is probably due to randomness.

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No kernel panics or glitches yet Cons: Packaging should be anti static and bind tightly even though I have not had any issues with the memory. Well, in many instances - yes. Once you run that update you will be able to use 16GB. I received the pair of rams today and installed it on my mid macbook running on mavericks. No issues have been encountered or reported with our memory in upgrading to Mavericks, and yes, the memory is available to Windows via bootcamp as well. Since you intend to replace the current computer I understand why you want to keep your spending to a minimum.

If you tend to leave apps open instead of closing them, or if you keep several browser windows open with dozens of tabs in each, adding RAM will probably help your computer run more smoothly. If you use an app that handles large files, it helps to have a lot of RAM. Try not to get carried away, though, as adding fistfuls of RAM that your Mac will never or rarely use is throwing money away.